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Default Bizopps

I've recently been working on a PPV Bizopp campaign. I have ads on both MediaTraffic and DirectCPV for the offer. The landing page is just a presell for the bizopp (I found a nice lander that was already online and just modified it a bit).

Now, I haven't gotten any conversions yet and have tried two different sets of target URLs (50-100 per set).

So, based on experience, are bizopp campaigns hard to get converting in PPV? Should I cut my losses and find another offer or should I push on and keep testing until I see some returns?
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Im new to PPV, but with other sources, personally i have never had success with bizzops, from what I know people usually make lists with ppv and then promote bizzops.
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That's my strategy too. I've had success with sending them straight to the presell page, but these days, I do better with collecting the emails first.

Target any sort of work at home or independent contractor type jobs as URLS/Targets...don't just do the obvious 'work at home' ...there are much cheaper and more abundant targets to choose from.
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If it were me, I'd be building a list in every niche I can monetize.

Just saying...

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anyone unhappy with their job is great game, and that's a whole lotta people. sell them on a solution with a landing page and then get that email. it shouldn't take much convincing to get them on board for a free trial type bizopp. start with something like that to get a feel for how your niche converts, then you can move up to the bigger payout offers.

- lucas
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