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Default Best Network for a newbie to start?

My first question, I thought for sure this one would be here, but I didn't see it, so here goes....

What Network would anyone suggest as the first one for a newbie to start out from?

If it's allowed to be posted, here's the exact same question I found on Warrior Forum: Link

The consensus seems to be MT, with Adon and DirectCPV close behind. But that's about a year old. Has anything changed, or it that still fairly accurate?
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OK, I found this old post using Search:


Don't join them yet if your budget does not permit it. I'd join them in this order pesonally:

1.) Media Traffic
2.) Adonnetwork
3.) Zango
4.) Traffic Vance
5.) Clicksor

Zango is now LeadImpact, but it looks like even then in 2008 MT and Adon were the top 2 for newbs.
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I was looking for info on this as well. Looking to get my feet wet.
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I'd prefer start with leadimpact, good numbers of quality traffic
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In addition to all the good information, it will also come down to what type of offer you plan to run. This is where not all networks are considered equal.

In my experience I can say that taking a working campaign from one source to the next will not necessarily take your campaign straight into the black. Sometimes you can tweak it, others times I have calked it up as a loss and just ran on one less source.

1) International Traffic vs US
2) Offer Vertical
3) Demographic from Toolbar Installs vs Your Audience
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