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Default Adware Demographics Question

Hi. I'm new to PPV and I understand that PPV ads get shown to people who have downloaded some kind of app or toolbar. So...

Out of all the toolbars, screensavers and such I've seen, most seem to cater to younger people. Also it seems that kids are the ones who most likely install this stuff - I know I never have.

Therefore, wouldn't it be a waste of time to promote offers that target older people, or those who may be more tech-savvy?

Or am I totally wrong about this?
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most kids share a computer with their parents right? besides that, you'd be shocked at what bored people download during the day at work or sitting in front of their computers at home. the large majority of gamevance users was at one point middle aged females. don't think so much about the demo. find some cheap traffic and get some campaigns running.

- lucas
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This isn't often talked about but all the major CPV networks have gotten millions of shady installs (adware bundled secretly with other programs and torrents) from their publishers which had nothing to do with the toolbars.

This allowed a much larger demographic in the userbase as well, and considering you can get a ton of traffic on a target like wsj.com, I don't think too many teenagers are visiting that site religiously.

Also, the demographics for some of those toolbars is surprising to a lot of people if you are new to marketing. Free games are mass market, everyone from people in their mid 20's to seniors spend hours a day playing stupid games.
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