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Arrow My Experience with Adoori - Meh.

Adoori has pop-under traffic in many countries. Their CPM rates are from about $1.80 for lame countries, up to $5.00 CPM for Tier 1 countries. It's basically RON traffic as you can't target URLs or keywords. I think the bulk of the traffic comes from file sharing sites. Once your campaign gets approved, the traffic flows pretty quick but you can limit it $50 per day, and/or 1000 impressions per hour per campaign.


I've been trying Adoori for a little over a week now with a few different countries, and rotating a few different offers for each country. So far I've spent about $85 and gotten about 20,000 impressions. I've only gotten 3 conversions for 3 different offers (dating, games).

I direct-linked and sent about 3000 or so impressions to each offer's landing page. On a couple of offers, I rotated a few of the vendor's different landers they provide.

  1. If an offer payout is for say $5.00, should I send $5.00 to $15.00 worth of impressions to EACH LANDER, or to EACH OFFER TOTAL?
  2. If THAT fails, should I try the same offer, but with a different country, or scrap the offer and move on?
  3. Should I complain only if I've cycled through every single offer and every single country?

It's easy to optimize campaigns when you can see some conversions, but with almost zero conversions on here, I don't know what to do.

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