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Default Target outbid report


When I run the target outbid report it lists nearly all of my campaigns, but when I go to edit the individual campaigns there are no competing bids on any of the targets.

Anyone else have this issue ? Is it a bug, or am I missing something ?

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Default Re: Target Outbid Report

Hey Joe,

I've been using Media Traffic and come across the same thing. It drove me nuts until I really thought about it and started thinking about how else could someone be outbidding my target on this network. From my experience the answer is in the precision targeting that MT allows. Read the description and it will tell you that your target will show up if it shows up anywhere in the url string ("complete url"). So, go back into your outbid report and check to see what word or phrase is listed. For example if you're promoting Acai offers and you're targeting www.AcaiBerry.org, whoever is top bid on the keyword Acai for "complete url" precision match will pop first because Acai is showing up in that url. Alternatively, if the url is www.healthsecrets.com/Acai that same bidder would pop up because Acai is found within the complete url.

So, you could go in and create a campaign with that same word and you should uncover your competitor. What you do then is up to you. When I've done this I've found that the traffic starts to come in fast because I'm pulling everything now with my target phrase in it (be it a high-traffic site or a low-traffic site). Obviously there are some good urls in there and some bad ones. I'm note sure if there's anyway of being able to track which urls are bringing traffic. My experience tells me No so then your essentially testing the actual keyword or phrase at that point. Hope this helps!

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