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Default Pop UP or UNDER?

I noticed there is a choice. I was wondering if using a pop under may be better since it might be perceived to be less intrusive to the viewer. Any thoughts on this?
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I've had success with both. I think it depends on the offer. Some landing pages take a bit longer to load than others, if that's the case I'll try out a pop-under so that the page has a chance to fully load before the user just dismisses it. If the offer is directly relevant to the page it pops on, i'll usually do a pop-over since the offer is an attempt to capture a sale that might be lost if the user were to see the ad after visiting the site. In the end, it all depends on the offer and the context. I will say that they both can work.
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Where do you select pop up or under?

I have some campaigns running at MT, but I don't see where you can choose pop up or under. I'm assuming it's pop up on default. I hope.
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I believe it's in the campaign setup. But a pop up would work best.
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