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Default Overbid Affecting

So how does the bidding work exactly in this scenario. Say I am bidding "car insurance quotes" and my bid is .05. When I run a target outbid report I get a result like "car" is bidding $.21 ! And it wants me to match or outbid that term.

So, if someone searches "car", their site pops up, but if someone searches "car insurance quotes" does their site still pop up? Or does mine?

Could you just bid on the letter "a" and get every pop up?
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I have a similar question regarding Media Traffic bidding and saw that this post was not answered.

My question is this:

Suppose I'm bidding $0.01 on the URL www.abc-dating-now.com and the target outbid report shows someone bidding on the keyword "dating" at $0.25.

If a Media Traffic visitor goes to directly to the url www.abc-dating-now.com, will I get any traffic -- or will all the traffic go directly to the person bidding on the keyword "Dating"?

My experience with MT so far seems like all the traffic goes to the person that would be bidding on "dating," but I'm wondering what others have experienced with Media Traffic.

To get traffic, would my only option be to match the bid of $0.25 in order to get some traffic to my specific URL?

Or is there another way to get the traffic and still test my URL without having to pay the higher bid?

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I've been finding the same results with them. Best to clarify that with your AM though.
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Any updates on this?
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