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Default MT and Cookie Stuffing


I was reading through MT's terms & conditions and saw that they forbid "intentionally targeting a merchant website with the express purpose of cookie stuffing or affiliate fraud". I'm not intentionally doing cookie stuffing but I do bid on merchant websites and I do have rotations so it's quite possible I will show a pop-up on a page with an identical offer. I imagine many of you do the same.

Has anyone ever encountered any problems with MediaTraffic over this policy?
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I have not noticed any problem with my own landing pages that may place a cookie for the one offer I was promoting.

I think the risk is in doing the affiliate link cloaking, such as the "img=" method for multiple cookie stuffing of clickbank offers or other offers. Clickbank recently changed their system so I don't know if it is still possible to stuff multiple cookies this way, so it may not be worth the risk anyway.

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