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Default Media Traffic Bulk Upload Issues

Hi All,

I'm trying to upload my first campaign, and used the CPV Campaign Launcher. However, I'm using PPC-Coach Tracker v2, with the twist that Particles explained in this thread http://cpvcoach.com/members-only/for...p?t=745&page=3

Anyway, everything seemed to go well, but when I went to use the MT mta_form.xls, it didn't go too well. At first ALL the entries were errors. After scoping around, I can see that you need to enter "Category" in the 3rd column of the spreadsheet. I didn't see this category in the videos, I guess it could be new.

So anyway, I had to manually add the category to each listing. But then it all seemed different, in that "target" column.

Should I just copy/paste the last 2 columns for "Target" and "CPV", then add the "Category"? Anyone know of a quick workaround?
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