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Anyone been able to have their rep activate a rejected campaign, they say it cannot be modified in the email.

Damn anoying, missed one pop up ad, and now i had to reload the whole damn campaign, argh.

Guess the way to do it is launch with 1 ad that ive checked well, and then throw more in the rotation later. Fucking, there was no popup, unless you hit refresh on the offer now i guess i know to check that when choosing offers.

Their whole buisness is pop up ads, pricks.

vent over, back to work
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Yes, I have had a rep re-activate a campaign that has been rejected. I just had it happen to me recently - the problem was audio that starts automatically. Normally they don't check the lp when you add more kws but they seem to be doing this now so best to double check everything before making any changes.
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