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Default Getting More Traffic. Suggestions?

I'd like to get a lot more traffic. I'm getting about 15 views a day with Media Traffic.

I'm new to this & I have been targeting the UK for a dating offer to get my feet wet. I know that's not exactly a high traffic place but I wanted to go into into this slowly because I wanted to learn the ropes.

My thinking was, if I start by learning how & where to think outside the box to find targets in a smaller space & learn to expand it, it would be a good learning point to get ready for bigger things in the USA.

I don't really care about spilling the beans on what I'm doing because I have no intent to stay with this little stuff.

I have used pretty much every easy to think of direct target I can. The actual dating sites. Also I have used keywords with site URL's to see what the will do. I know it's not recommended but i just wanted to see what would happen in terms of the amount of traffic it would get.

There are about 78 targets in the campaign. only 4 get views one & gets 10X more than the others that do.

I did do a lot of "out of the box" stuff too. I though, of how about male enhancement targets? It seemed to me that a guy looking to be enhanced my be a guy looking for a date too.

I also have targeted dating forums, flirting help sites & mens magazines both adult & general interest.

I do look up the targets in Quantcast & Alexa too.

I've target search engines with related keywords pacific to the country. For example: google.com.uk keyword.

The next thing I intent to try is seeing what media buyers are doing & where they are advertizing. I though, humm that may be a good place to find some big targets.

I am splitting between a landing page & the direct offer link. I know the idea is to target multiple offers & test many pages, but for now I want to get the traffic part down.

Are there tricks to this. Things I'm not thinking of or don't know to increase the traffic?

My guy at Media Traffic said he though I was doing well with the amount of views I was getting considering the place & market but I just don't think I'm doing enough. I'd think even in the UK I could get at least 100 views a day.

Any thoughts or advice?

Thanks in advance to everyone,

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There isn't a ton of UK traffic there. Are you bidding on the really high volume sites like 'match.com'? What about broad keywords like 'dating'?
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I'm having trouble posting back & I'm not ignoring you. No I didn't target match.com because I tough I should stick to targeting "hookup" sites & things related to guys wanting a hookup.
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Ok good, I can post today. I added 16 keywords today targeted for "Search engine" that are very high competition on Google. They are all keywords that have two - three words phrases but one: "Dating"

I came from PPC. I know that in that world, broad match is dangerous if not watched closely. PPV Search keywords look to me sort of like broad match PPC. Hence, why I tried to make phrases rather than single words to keep targeting in line.

I also joined AffPlaybook yesterday & think I'll do a follow along campaign. I know people will take the ideas if I do OK but I'll learn a lot from the suggestions.

Man they dump on Media Traffic there a lot & say it's hard to convert. I'm wondering if I joined the correct network. They really seem to favor LI & TV.

There are 100 targets in that campaign now all together.

I never would do that in my first USA campaign but this UK stuff is small & hard to get traffic from so that's why I'm expanding.

I have two LP's that are ripped versions of the offer page without logos. One is just a headline, 3 bullet points & a click button. The other is just a headline & a click button.

I'm rotating the 2 LP's & direct link to the offer. I want to see if I can even get a CTR from the LP's.

I know everyone says promote multiple offers but it's hard for me to understand how. I keep reading to make LP's that look like the offer page. Now If that's correct, You'd have to go to many CPA networks & promote the same to see how they offer to see how they perform in comparason?

My PL's are fast. I ran they URL's through Pingdom Tools & it said they were 98% faster than most pages online.

The affiliate link to the offer is not as fast. Faster that 60% of of pages online.

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Default Getting More Traffic Suggestions

thats a good idea, Synthy. ironic that you say that though, ive been thinking all day about getting rid of my MPC and possible using only the Nord from now on. thinking i prefer using synthesized drum sounds over samples. ill probably make a post about this soon...

thanks for checking it out, does it sound ok on your system?
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