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Default Affecting CPV Keep Increasing?? Why?

Something I don't understand, when I check the 'Target Outbid Report'

I'm seeing a bunch of target urls where I need to raise the bids to match the competing bids, for instance there's one where I need to raise it to 0.015.

But when I went into the campaign and check the individual url, the competing CPV is only 0.0103 and not 0.0149? Why is that?

Anyone seeing this?
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I would like to hear this answer too as I am experiencing the same thing.
PPV is for me.
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It could be a timing issue. I know guys that go in during the day and constantly outbid others, then at the end of the day they set their numbers back down to minimums and repeat the next day. (too much work in my mind but to each his own I guess). So the report could be taking it at the moment where the bid is actually 0.0149, then the competitor lowered it.

The good part is there are a couple million urls and a couple billion keywords out there, so don't be afraid to bid on variations and misspellings to double or triple your traffic without any competition.
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