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Default Case Study: Game Niche


I just started this campaign yesterday and thought id post my progress as i move along to see if this campaign has wings, I'm anything but an expert - all input is very welcome

Offer type: Game, Email Submit
PPV Network: Adonnetwork
Payout: $1.20 per 1st page email sub
Method: LP
Daily Budget: $25
Targets: Game related sites

Day 1:
Made an interactive LP with a clear call to action. Added my prosper202 imp tracking to the LP and made a php file: out.php that the LP is linking out from, the out.php file has the prosper202 click through JS code and the following JS code to resize the window so that it should fit the offer nicely.
<script language="JavaScript">
self.resizeTo(1050, 850);
Submitted it and got it approved.

Yesterday in total the LP got 317 imps and 220 click throughs, 0 conversions.

Day 2 (today):
Looked at my traffic report in Adonnetwork and saw that one source was responsible for about 64% of the traffic. Normally i would have killed that target sooner but i had to sleep as well and didn't want to pause it over night however now i have killed that target. And again its a wait to collect more data.
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just a side note:
instead of resizing the window to a certain sizes wouldn't it be better to resize the window to the available screen size? that way the offer will fit in the window for sure...

...use this code if you want the full size:
"self.resizeTo(screen.availWidth,screen.availHeigh t);"

and all the best with your campaign
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Thanks for the tip! Have implemented it.
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I'm curious, it's the 12th how is the campaign going, you have a week of data more now, let us know how you did bud.
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