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Default Case Study – Credit Scores

This was my first CPA/CPV campaign. I really wasn’t expecting a profitable campaign, I was just trying to learn the process and the system. Please feel free to critique…

The Offer: NationalCreditReport.com
Network: Copeac
Payout: $23.45
PPV Network: Lead Impact
Method: Direct Linking
Daily Budget: $25
Bid Amount: .025 - .03

I launched the campaign 11/19/10 with 1000 url’s. The targets were websites in the following categories:

• Mortgage loans
• Real Estate for sale
• Auto loans
• Loan calculators
• Home improvement
• Apartments / for rent
• Credit reporting
• Credit scores

Day 1: A lot if impressions were wasted on high volume, low quality targets like homedepot.com, cars.com, kbb.com, realtor.com, etc. These keywords were quickly deactivated, but not before chewing up the $25 budget for day 1.
Spent - $25
Conversions – 0

Day 2: I started eliminating different categories. On day 2 I eliminated all Home Improvement targets.
Spent - $25
Conversions - 0

Day 3 – I eliminated more high volume targets along with Apartment & For Rent targets and Real Estate for sale targets.
Spent - $25
Conversions – 0

Day 4 – I eliminated Loan Calculators and Auto Loans targets and kept only Credit Reports, Credit Scoring and Mortgage Loan targets.
Spent - $25
Conversions – 0

Day 5 – I let it run without making any adjustments.
Spent - $16
Conversions – 0

Day 6 – I eliminated Mortgage Loans and all other general credit targets.
Spent - $14
Conversions – 0

Day 7 – I shut it down.
Spent - $1
Conversions – 0

I’m not quite sure why I received no conversions. I know this is a pretty hot offer at Copeac. Am I just not being creative enough? Obviously I picked all the wrong targets, but if these targets won’t convert, what kind of targets would work?

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Thanks for posting this!

The first thing I can immediately think of is to test direct linking against a landing page. Just mock up something in photoshop and use that on pop. You very nicely called out the different categories for this offer...try making a landing page for each of those different categories. This type of offer can definitely work with those audiences, but you have to approach them at the right angle. What I like to do is create a screen-shot of the offer page and use that as my base image file. Then I just scale it down if necessary and put in bullet points highlighting the benefits of the offer, from the standpoint of the category you're marketing it to. Sorry if its a bit rambling, I'm just thinking as I type. Let us know how you do!

I'll let others chime in about targets, I'm not as experienced in this vertical.

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Aeroian, thank you very much for the great tips. I always struggle with creating my own LP's. I lack creativity in that area. But I never considered enhancing their LP's. Your method gives me a lot of ideas. I wish I thought of this $130 ago.

I'll try this idea next. It may take me a week or so to get this done, I have a few other priority projects to finish first. I'll keep you posted...Thanks again!

Anyone else have any tips on the targets?
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