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Default Building a List

This month we're going to do something we've done before in PPC, but in PPV its WAY easier. We're going to build a list. The list can be for anything you want but I will show you one thing that works VERY well for list marketing. That is giving away free trial samples and/or coupons for products.

These work very very well and you get to send them new stuff every so often. There's a couple steps to this technique:
  1. Build your opt in form, make it in the following format. A header with a very good reason for them to join, maybe an image, your form. That's it. You need to give them a reason to join your list though. If you're doing free samples, you could say something like "Get free sample offers emailed to you, just enter your name and email now!" Or "Our users save $300 per month on average using our free sample offers!" Just make is so they can answer the "what's in it for me question".
  2. You'll need an opt in program, I like aweber and you can sign up for that here: Aweber but use whatever one you prefer. The key is they handle the opt in process and are very simple to use at a reasonable price, ($19.99 per month).
  3. Gather your offers, just go to the networks and find "free sample" offers. Remember all those "email only" offers that networks have? Well now you get to use those as you're emailing these offers to your opt in list. I like to get all the offers first, (as many as I can), then start adding my email messages to the list.
  4. Start adding your messages to your auto-response sequence. There's a couple things to consider here. First is how often to send them, I find every 2 weeks works for me, but you can do more in the beginning and less as time passes. Second what to put in your messages? I like to put something light in the first couple, maybe a funny video from youtube with and offer as an after thought, (if the offer is related to the video it's better). Also, try to build a relationship with your list, don't just fire off banner ads for offers, tell stories, send funny links, send jokes, give them a reason to keep getting your emails. THis is vital and there are whole sites dedicated to just list building and maintaining out there.
  5. Once you have this niche tackled, go to 10 more. The following ones work well: dating, weight loss, gambling, beauty products, shoes, purses, perfume and baby stuff.
List building is really simple with ppv yet very very powerful. The thing that sucks is the initial set up of the messages, but once you get that done, it's pretty good to have money coming in when you're not spending a dime to earn it. (Besides the cost of the initial sign up).

If you can get even 0.50% of your list to do what you want and you have a list of 5,000 people, then that's 25 sales every time you do a mailing. This is all on autopilot, so if you send out a message every 2 weeks, that's 50 sales per month. Multiply that by how many niches you're going to tackle and you now have a good solid hands off money maker. (Btw 5,000 is on the very low end of subscribers, but your opt in form is going to be key to getting them to sign up.)

Please post any questions you have here.


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