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Default Why are minimum bids so high?

My minimum bids are set at $.015!!!!! Other networks start at $.01 and lower. Is this the same for everybody or do I have something set wrong? I have successful campaigns on TV that I want to mover over but can't because the extra $.005 is my profit margin!!!!! This sucks...... I like LI's traffic, but these minimum bids are killing me!
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Ask the network for a slight pay raise to run the offer. That will take care of that.
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I think have varying minimum bids on LI too as some of my targets are starting at .02
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When you are setting up a campaign in LI you can see what the bids are going to be by clicking a link on the page where you pick the category for your campaign. If you play around with it you'll see that the bid price varies depending on the category you pick.

This can be good and bad. If the targets you pick don't have much competition and you pick a lower priced category that sort of fits then you can save. But if you pick more competitive targets then you'll need to raise your bids to get any traffic anyway.

If you pick a category that doesn't fit then LI sometimes changes the category to one they feel is more appropriate. In other words trying to pick a cheaper category doesn't always work but can be worth a try.
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