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Default OptimizePress Theme: Please Help

I bought the optimize press theme, so i created a squeeze page (The Relationship Guide |), i have spent over $20 on leadimpact still no single optin. what do think?
Is it because leadimpact pop up window is 800x600 that's why it doesn't display the landing page correctly?
Or should i create a html squeze page that will suit there 800x600 window?

Pls give your suggestions and help me out.

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A few things:
  • Yes, definitely size your window for the popup size or else your lander is hard to read
  • make your title shorter and catchier, I found myself not able to read the whole thing. Also work on the spacing of the words to make it easier to read
  • Your targeting can be off too, make sure you are targeting people who are desperate to get into a relationship
  • tailor your landing page with benefits like "get any man you want"
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Thank you very very much DenMaster. I really do appreciate your invaluable comment.
Please I also want to ask if you(or anyone) could tell the BEST HTML squeeze page template to use since in cannot re-size my OptimizePress squeeze page.

Thanks Once Again.
I sincere do love to be here.
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There is a plugin that I am using with PPV for OptimizePress called LeadRocket, you can make some smaller opt-in boxes with that. I haven't checked the size yet but may help.
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Don't use WP for PPV it slows down pages a lot. We have even written our own analytics cuz google one was slowing page by a lot.

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