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Question Leadimpact help needed!!!

Some of you guys mentioned that Leadimpact is the 2nd best ppv traffic source after Trafficvance.
Unfortunately so far I couln't figure out how to make positive roi on LI. Almost spent 300$ but neither of my campaigns were profitable.

Here is what I have been doing w/ LI:
- almost always create a landing page (autostart sound, 750x450 size),
- insert the targeted urls/companys logo,
- make the lander like a poll site,
- have big, flashing button w/ call to action

I promoted email, zip, short form offers with Peerfly and Maxbounty. The results were poor (besides the negative ROI) - low ctr(3-9%), even lower conversion (max 1%). Targeted US offers.

I know I do something wrong but don't know what...there must be a good approach to this issue, but now I have no idea...

Can any of you help me in this?
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Old 12-27-2011, 03:07 AM
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You kinda answered your own question without knowing it. You've been doing the same thing over and over without results so why not try something new?

You've done LP's...why not try direct linking? Instead of polls, do a completely different style. Instead of submits, try a little higher payout offers.

Sometimes it isn't that you are doing something 'wrong'...you just need to do something different. I wrote a blog post about this not too long ago...

When Affiliates Do Everything Right and Fail - Aff Playbook.com
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Thanks David!...and your blog post is useful too

Though I'm still curious what works for others with leadimpact
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Everything works, you just need to figure out who you need to target to make it work. So scrape some URLs and use adwords keyword tool, that should make for probably 200 keywords or something depending on your niche and the amount of search urls you grab.

Alot of the times it's better to make your own LP. which excites the visitor to buy or whatever the action is. I also find that finding offers with LPs that work well with the pop up windows, works great also. You can preview pop ups from the main PPV networks here:

CPVDen Tools - Preview Popper

So just test test test and read read read. Goodluck!

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