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Default Important Changes at Lead Impact

I got this email yesterday, so I thought I would share:

Dear LeadImpact Advertiser,

Every day thousands of Non-Performing Keywords run on the LeadImpact network. A Non-Performing Keyword is one that does not trigger a single impression (i.e. It delivers NO traffic.) for at least 180 days after being loaded into the system.
Since Non-Performing Keywords don't trigger impressions, they don't benefit ANYONE. They do, however, cause unnecessary strain on our systems and your optimization tools, wasting everyone's time and money.
To help alleviate this problem LeadImpact is now automatically removing these Non-Performing Keywords from the system on a regular basis.
If you notice that certain keywords (in some cases large numbers of them) have been removed from your campaigns, this is the reason. Please know that we have only removed Non-Performing Keywords, and that your campaigns' performance and volume will not be affected. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADD THE KEYWORDS BACK INTO YOUR CAMPAIGNS.
If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please contact us. Thank you for your business.
LeadImpact Sales Team
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