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Default The IQ Quiz Method

The IQ Quiz Method

This method revolves around the cell submit IQ offers. The goal is to lead the user down a path through the offer and get them to submit their cell phone number and confirm with a PIN submit. These offers typically pay between $6.00 - $10.00 per action.

There are 2 ways to try these offers, with direct linking and with a landing page. I do not recommend direct linking as most of the offers do not provide enough interest right off the bat to lure in the potential customers. In this example we are going to use a landing page.
By using a landing page, you can direct the offer to very specific niches. I believe this is the key to getting these offers to work. You may have to test multiple niches to make this work, but that is the best strategy.

I will now explain further and reveal the exact method I have used in the past with these offers. When I decided to do this campaign, it was right around the super bowl that featured Pittsburgh and Arizona. So my idea was to target a specific group interested in football, most specifically Steelers fans! With that in mind, this is the exact landing page I built:

I created this landing page as an entire graphic and simply stuck it on a page with a black background. The size of the image fits well into all of the CPV network’s pop-up windows. I think this would get the attention of Steelers fans, wouldn’t you? Although now, Big Ben’s status has changed considerably and you might want to try this on some other sports figure!

Once the users click on the button (or really anywhere on the entire image as it is all clickable) I sent them to the offer. BUT, I did one thing differently. I iframed the offer with another small graphic at the top. This is what the page looks like with the iframe:

By having the Big Ben picture at the top, it adds another level of comfort to the user that this was tailored just for them, and not just some other offer.

Lastly, I built targets specifically around Steeler fans. I searched for the official pages of the Steelers, the local newspapers that cover the Steelers, as well as fan forums dedicated to the Steelers. I am sure this would also work with targets of the opposing team (Arizona Cardinals) as those fans would want to think they are smarter than Big Ben.


Use your creativity and think outside the box. Try to target a specific niche market and tailor your landing page appropriately and you will greatly increase your chances of success. Please post any questions you might have in this forum!
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