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Default .info .org or .net

I want to buy a new domain for promoting iq offers.

Which do you think will be my best choice

.info .org or .net?

They are all available.
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I would rank them in the following order:
(the 1st is better)

...though I think its not too relevant
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I don't think that the domain name is so important for CPV. Also if you have some high traffic keyword in the domain - the bigger the chance being popped up by another CPV marketer as a keyword target. So personally for me i will choose the ugliest domain name for my tracking software and landing pages, something like CJ and Neverblue did.
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I personally think that the .info domain is the most unreliable of those domains.... When you look at the levels of spam on those domain extensions, the most spammy is .info, followed by .net and lastly .org. But the reality is that your domain shouldn't matter that much if you are only using it for your CPV campaigns... I like to go with something broad and niche related so I can use it for other campaigns as well.. Rado brings up a good point about not using popular keywords, but then again having other marketers pop over your ads is just a sad reality of CPV marketing.
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