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Default Current Status Anyone?

I tried one attempt at this so far but it was FUBARed from the get go. I was having trouble finding a decent offer with my current CPA providers. When I thought I found a good one, I realized that my views were triggering a lot of different offers at their network. It kind of pissed me off because I had modeled my lander to match the offer I had chosen almost exactly.

The next day, all of my views went to the one offer I was targeting. When I looked at the offer landing page though, it had changed to some horrendous looking IQ quiz that was totally different than the original offer.

I let it run until I had another 100 (104 to be exact) clickthroughs to the new craptastic offer until I pulled it.

Before I do it again I will have to find another network that has some better IQ offers.

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Yeah, I have definitely noticed the same thing with these offers. Sometimes the preview link is not what the actual offer link goes to. I think the best thing to do is to talk to your AM at multiple networks and find out which one is converting best and explain what is happening. There is bound to be an offer that has a consistent landing page.

I think another reason that it changes up is that the advertiser is doing it's own split testing on landing pages to see which converts overall for them.
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They definitely constantly split test things.

It affects conversions big time too.
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