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Default Well hello CPVDen!

Hey all, just arrived. Some of you might know me from WF, Backlinks Forum and a few other places. I guess I'll just say a few things and be off.

Getting huge into CPV. I like paid traffic, and CPV seems like one of the cheaper alternatives out there to use, so I figure it's a good place to start. Plus, I find lander designing to be rather fun and creative, so what can I say? I'm enjoying it thus far.

I was more into SEO for a while, but am getting tired of the constant game changing, ridiculous algorithms that place untargeted Amazon and Wikipedia listings above mine no matter how relevant and unique and well structured my site is.


Anyways, here's where I stand:

300 dollars into a Media traffic account
VPS hosting on BeyondHosting.com with CPV lab installed.
Some guide videos from ppvtrafficassault.com
5 landers created targeting various CPA offers from Maxbounty and Epic Direct
A job as an SEO consultant that affords me money and a good bit of free time

I'm going to test the crap out of every campaign I build until I'm making at least 100 bucks per day at this. That would be almost enough to quit my day job and certainly make my life a lot easier.

What are some realistic expectations I should have for when I can reach this goal with a few hundred dollars to spend on advertising, based on some of your experiences?

And what advice would you give me starting out to make sure I hit my goals as soon as I possibly can, every time?

Hoping to hear from some valuable and experienced marketers
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Very cool welcome to the site!

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Cool story. Welcome cataclysm1987
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