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Default trying to figure out tracking

hey all,

new to cpvden; somewhat new to ppv marketing (have run a couple of campaigns in lead impact); now getting smart enough to know i need good tracking...so, here i am.

will post elsewhere in this forum to ask for assistance... which i sorely need!

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The 2 most popular are CPVLab and Prosper202/Tracking202.

Here's a video on using Prosper202

Created by Camtasia Studio 7

CPVLab's Website also has a video
CPV Lab - The Ultimate Testing, Tracking & Optimization Platform for Professionals

Which one is better? It depends on who you ask. Both are used in CPV.

Prosper is free, CPV Lab is $300.

Once you learn how to use a tracker, learning a different tracker doesn't take very long. So if you go with Prosper202 because it is free and then decide to use CPVLab later on, it should be a fairly smooth transition.

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Aaron, thanks so much for the quick reply. Please look at my post here and offer your thoughts...

Tracking issues - need help - will pay if someone can solve!

I'm looking to put my "big toe" in the water first, before I dive in; I'm all for cpv lab if its better AFTER i'm "cash flow positive" in my marketing. Since I have P202 installed on my hostgator account, i'm inclined to run with it (especially since it is free)

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