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Default Ppv

Hey everyone, just a quick introduction.

I came to PPV coach after listening to the clickbooth video. I signed up because I've heard great things about PPC coach. Was going to sign up for the PPC coach but decided that I'd like to get in on PPV while it was still new. I haven't heard, read or seen anything about PPV on WF or any other message boards till that video.

Anyway, I've done a bit of PPC stuff in the past. Mostly self taught (from reading blogs, etc) and I'm above break-even but it hasn't taken off (yet). Before that I've done some SEO type of stuff which is helping fund all my PPC and PPV stuff.

In other news I'm going 'part-time' from my 'real' job to do more "money online" stuff... so hopefully I'll be able to put some big hours into PPV as that's where I'm going to focus my efforts.

That's all for now. (wow! what a book!)
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Welcome aboard!
If you build it, they will come.

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Welcome aboard!

Remember to diversify...10 campaigns doing $100 profit per day each.

That's a solid business foundation.

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