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Default Hi From London, The Olympic City!

Hi everyone,

I'm Gary from London and 1 week ago I had never even heard of CPV.
I purchased a WSO created/marketed by a couple of guys named Charles Kirkland and Jason Parker which focused on building a list quickly using CPV traffic. Good start.

After I read that WSO I knew I wanted to know more about this business as a whole so I have spent the last few days reading as much as I can, which has brought me to this great forum. The guys on CPVDen really are sharing, and that's pretty refreshing BTW, a quick shout out to Luke at Peerfly as it was his blog post that brought me here - thanks.

I've dabbled with building websites and making affiliate commissions for about 4 years now and I've earned commission from Adsense, Clickbank, Commission Junction and Amazon Affiliates - all with free traffic.

However, none of this has been sustainable or repeatable and that's why I'm interested in CPV. I really like the fact that there is a repeatable methodology and a fast feedback loop. What I've been missing is any feeling of control over what I have previously done to make commissions online.

Thanks to the people here and those on the Warrior Forum who have been good enough to make posts with quality information I realise the importance of tracking, rotating offers, landing pages vs direct links, split testing landing pages, depth of research, benefits of targeted URLs vs keywords, liaising with AMs as they have good knowledge of what works on different CPV networks (Luke, I'll be contacting you soon - I already have a Peerfly account, although I haven't really done anything with it), thinking creatively/outside the box, etc, etc.

I plan to set up my first campaigns next week as I'm away this weekend visiting family - I need to be around to monitor my first campaigns!

My first task is done, I've already set up a tracking system. To me, effective tracking seems to be the key - unless you get lucky, of course.

Sorry if I have bored anyone with my long post.....you can probably tell I'm quite pumped by this!

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awesome first post man and welcome to the forum!

- lucas
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Originally Posted by PapaBear View Post
awesome first post man and welcome to the forum!

- lucas
Pleasure to be here Lucas. It's been great reading all the stuff in CPVDen and building an understanding of CPV marketing and the different monetization methods.

I was reading through a forum yesterday - CPAFix - where the owner stated "CPVDen is dead". Well, at the time of writing, I see over 200 people viewing this site and it's not even 06.30 EST so there appears to be life as far as I can see

One assessment I have made for myself is that CPV marketing is not oversaturated. Yes, it's competitive because there's money to be made but a lot of new marketers don't seem to get it or they don't want to spend money to learn/test....or can't be bothered with tracking, so there's not the same numbers of people that you would see trying out all the 'get rich quick' schemes and various WSOs. That's got to be a good thing, right?

I've read a number of case studies on this site - in your opinion are there any methods that don't really work these days (e.g. list building, fan club method, etc)?

If there is one path you can point a newbie towards in September 2012 what would it be?

I'm back from my weekend away and I plan to get my first campaign up before this weekend. Hopefully, nothing interferes with my planning...although I am currently making a website for a local company, which is taking up some of my time - and I have a full-time job

Cheers for now,

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