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Thumbs up Hi, It's Great To Be Here!

Hello Everyone!

I joined several days ago and have been quietly digesting the information here like an addict. I apologize for not introducing myself earlier.

A little about myself: I am a full-time Online Entrepreneur/Software Developer and new to the PPV universe.

Based on what I've been learning so far at PPVCoach, I'm very excited about the traffic potential of PPV .

I look forward to collaborating with everyone here!
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Hey there. I did the same over the last couple of days. What do you develop in? I'm an asp.net developer. You don't by chance have any experience developing iPhone apps using the SDK the provide do you? I'm looking for an iPhone developer. I may resort to guru.com or elance.

Anyway welcome. it's a little quiet around here. More so than I would have thought but there is tons of good info, eh?

later, rideswitch
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Hi rideswitch!

Wow, cool! I'm also a .NET developer! In my previous life, I developed mostly Rich Client and SQL Server driven enterprise/business apps.

Unfortunately , I don't have any iPhone development experience. Have you tried searching Craigslist in the resumes section?

If you know C#, another route may be to use Unity (http://unity3d.com/unity/features/iphone-publishing). Unity uses C# and JavaScript to create iPhone apps/games.

Here are some articles you may find useful regarding developing iPhone apps with .NET:

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