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emerald77 11-18-2012 11:36 AM

Hi from Archway London UK
Hi One and All,
Greetings from the grand metropolis of London.
My name is Louis, and have been involved in many businesses through my short life of 77 years.
Having retired recently, and examined the internet as a means of creating extra income have come to the conclusion that building websites and driving traffic to them is a thankless job nowadays.
The quick fix of buying traffic and sending it directly to offers seems the better approach for someone like myself. But realise(realize for our friends across the pond) that it all needs tracking to determine what is working.
So now need to achieve
1. acceptance by some affiliate network, preferably one that pays promptly and often,to preserve cashflow.
2. how to use a tracking tool correctly, either cpvlabs or prospero 202
3. how to use a landing page

Understand keywords and URLs, and can direct my traffic to mutliple countries.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Sorry to be so longwinded - it comes with age.

denmaster 11-19-2012 01:45 PM

Welcome aboard!

And congratulations for keeping it going after all these years :)

Take a look around this forum as I think all of your questions will be answered with a bit of reading. Of course if you have specific questions please ask. We have subforums for each of the topics you mentioned.

I would also recommend signing up with nDemand if you havent already here: netConnect - Connecting affiliates with networks instantly!

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