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Wink Hey Fellow Wealth Seekers

Hey everyone,

I am pretty much a PPV newb. Threw the 1k into TV about a month ago, and have not really done much with it so far. In fact I have burnt about a $100 just screwing around and getting used to the whole thing.

I don't really mind though, as I know this is one of those business models that takes a bit of money, and mistake making to come good.

And if your not learning, then your probably not making as much progress as you "should" be. At least, thats how I see it.

So, a brief bit about me.

I have been doing the online marketing thing now full time for about a year and a bit. I have always wanted to run my own business, and I really love the whole passive potential of the internet marketing world.

I have been making enough to live off, without a J O B, but definitely have a lot of plans for big things in the future, including doing a lot more CPA stuff.

I am 25, and from Australia, and I used to be a Chef, from 19 until about 24.
Although I love cooking, I hate being bossed around by pratty chefs, and I generally don't really dig the hospitality atmospere, although I have some good memories in the kitchen

Anyway, enough rant.

Im going to read through the forum, quite a bit, ask some questions that i have saved up, and then start dedicating half of my work day to PPV 5 days a week ( I have other models to maintain)

Thanks for listening, and see you round.

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Hello and welcome aboard!

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