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Default Hey Everyone

Just wanted to say hello and glad to be a member.

I'm new to IM, I was really torn between joining PPV Coach or PPC Coach.

There is not a lot of info out there on PPV marketing so I am a little nervous. I hope I chose well.

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Welcome Nick!

I've learned a lot here and am glad I joined. Coach has been a huge help along with many of the other members.

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I think you chose well (though both are great sites). PPV is easier than PPC because you don't have to worry about things like quality score and building landing pages.

Plus you can use what you learn here to get a head start when you delve into PPC later.
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Yeah I think this is actually a better place to start. Much more manageable. No Qualtiy Score, etc. And there isn't as much strategy for PPV. Basically follow the campaign setup videos here and read around a little. Then launch, test and tweak. And you should make a little cash.
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