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Default Hello there everyone. I just signed on with you.


I'm going to take the plunge & get into this CPV thing. It came about for two reasons.

1. I bought Jonathan Mizels Traffic Evolution & found out CPV exists.
2. I bought an ebook on the Worrier Forum by a guy named Mike Morgan two days ago.

I though, this sounds challenging but if could manage relatively complex AdWords accounts I might be able to learn CPV.

I think the basis of doing well with CPV is probably the same as PPC. Study, Test, track, find the winners, cut the looses, make money. I hope I'm right.

It actually looks sort of like a fun strategy game to me.

Is that a little sick!

At any rate, Hello everyone!
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Welcome to this community. I hope you will enjoy talking with people of this community. I like your word "Study, Test, track, find the winners, cut the looses, make money."
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