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Default Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area

Hello all,

I've been posting in a number of other forums but thought it was about time to introduce myself here. I dabbled in affiliate marketing years ago in a rather not-to-serious manner, though did have some success with signing people up to take online surveys, and am still getting about $25/month from those brief efforts 4 years later

Lately I've gotten more serious about this and signed up on both PPC and PPV coach - currently putting in the majority of effort around PPV. Coach said it was good to set goals, so here I go. Right now I am going at this full-time, and my immediate goal is to get to $10k/month in profit, which would be about full income replacement. My long-term goal is not to make as much money as possible, but ultimately reduce my PPV effort to more of a sustaining effort (10 hours/week?) and use profits from PPV to fund some other activities I want to pursue. I am not sure what is realistic yet, so will set a more specific long-term goal after meeting the immediate one.

I've been at this about a week (though was away for 3 days), and just had my first conversions today. I didn't want to post this in "success stories" as I'm still unprofitable, but I am very pleased to have conversions, as it gives me something to optimize. I didn't have any luck with the Month 1 horoscope thing (couldn't find any of these offers), and then didn't have any luck with trying to market some higher-paying items, and then finally had success with some other types of lower-paying zip/email submits. I think I will continue with these types of offers, as having conversions really helps me find what works. I think I have been thinking too narrowly in my marketing (i.e. promote A on sites about A) and need to think more broadly.

BTW I am really an engineer rather than a marketer, and so the marketing is challenging to me, though technical aspects are not. If there is anyone more marketing-oriented who has ideas on valuable tools to build that go beyond what is already available, PM me and maybe we can work together.
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Hello tero22,

Welcome and congratulations on your first conversions!

I think I have been thinking too narrowly in my marketing (i.e. promote A on sites about A) and need to think more broadly.
I know exactly what you're saying. Thinking more broadly has helped me to uncover those other related niches that resulted in many conversions.

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