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Talking Hello From Puerto Rico :)

Hi All,

Publisher here from Puerto Rico. Just started doing PPV Traffic a few weeks ago and seems promising. I mainly focus on Incentive Traffic (Own a few GPT Sites) but I am looking into doing some non-incentive traffic as well.

Hope to learn some good ideas here.

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hey bud, welcome aboard. i'm always looking for some reputable incent networks. let us know who you're working with.

- lucas
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Not many really dedicated "Incent" networks out there anymore... but I do a lot with BLAM!Ads, PointClickTrack, Cypher Media (Famous Quizz Jungle Quizzes) and Websponsors (Only VC Traffic).

As for NonIncent I've gotten my account approved for the following:
DTM Publishers
EWA Private Network
Panthera Network

That's mostly what I am running right now. Incentive Traffic is not like it used to be (there was a month I made a killing with those Game Vance offers - Traffic Vance's PPV Software :P ). Made like $15K that month alone people downloading all those games... after that exciting month... everything has been downwards... main reason why I am looking in to PPV Marketing.

I have a couple of questions regarding a few PPV software I have bought and used already and wanted to see if you had any input on those... However I shouldn't use my Introduction post for that :P

Thanks for the warm welcome
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