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Default hello its justin in america

Hey, my name is Justin and I'm currently living in Dallas Texas. I"m 28 years old and make a living from acting, modeling & online poker. I was living in L.A pursuing my acting career and was getting just getting by booking jobs here and there.

While I was there i worked as a dating coach and met some really interesting characters. To make a long story short I ended up traveling the world with a famous poker guy trading, poker coaching for dating coaching. It all went well and it opened up my eyes completely to really living life.

After 7 months of realizing how much i love being over seas rather then America and losing most my money in poker online in Indonesia, I knew i had to learn how to make money online. I hate jobs and I hate the fact of wasting my life away working. I'd much rather go play around the world.

Anyways, this past year I've done everything from creating a huge site that failed, spending a bunch of money to learn to make websites, buying ebooks on anything to make money online, even network marketing. I wanted to create passive income and not have to worry about my Agent calling me up for my booking with Jcpennys. Which the money is great but i want to travel and probably be based out of Australia.

I got back in to poker and I'm doing quite well but I wanted an online business to help me out. I ended up running into a buddy who works for Clickbooth and he introduced me to a guy named Harold who is a great affiliate manager at Clickbooth and has changed my life. I made my first dollar online as an affiliate marketer a couple of weeks ago on an email submit. This past week I made a big sale of 36 bucks and I'm so excited to learn more.

I was introduced to this website through the PPC coach having a webinar through clickbooth. So far I"m really happy. I"m a member of this site and his PPV site and everything seems great.

There's my story.

I have this story on the ppc forum as well.

anyways, looking forward to killing it!!!!!
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Default Welcome!

Great to see another new person here and welcome aboard! I've been here just a week and joined because of Coach's presentation on the Clickbooth webinar too. Can I ask how much Harald helped you and what he did? He seems a lot older than my other am's. I spoke to him initially and he was really trying to help but haven't given them any biz or followed up.
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Hello and welcome aboard!

Who was the poker guy? (I follow poker a bit...)

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