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Default Hello CPV Community

Johanna here, from Cancun, Mexico.

This is my first attempt with ppv so I have a lot to learn. For starter I've been reading up on some forum threads and found a lot of great information. Hopefully I can contribute with that in due time too.

I have signed up with LeadImpact which apparently used to be Zango. Do you guys think that is a good house to start with? I've noticed of course that the campaign launcher only offers output for MT and Adon, and I've seen questions about that on this forum that go back to about a year and a half. Seems there's some work to be done for someone

As for using landing pages, I'm using a big banner that I try to get close to 600 x 800 , put that in a table and voila, see how that goes. How do you guys handle offer rotation with landing pages? Do you also rotate different landing pages or you just make one general LP that applies to various offers?

My next challenge is getting the tracker to work. I have never used tracking before. The setup is all done and the manager is working fine, I've even put in several offer links and an offer rotation - that I want to use with a direct link this time - but I can't get my grips on the output link. A simple video walkthrough would be nice for newbies like me, I can't imagine I'm the only one having trouble here.

So that's me. I'm looking forward to sharing with you guys and putting in my 5 cents (pesos)

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Hello and welcome aboard.

For the tracker, you have to setup your link on the cpv network, which sends traffic from them, to the tracker, then the tracker sends it on to the offer or landing page.
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