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Default Hello to all from Oklahoma!

My name's Paul and I'm from Oklahoma. I cut my teeth in online marketing with SEO and I've made a pretty comfortable living for the past few years doing so.

However, I've finally realized the need to "Google-proof" my business and take the plunge into learning paid traffic properly. I've done some profitable PPC stuff in the past but nothing very sophisticated.

I've been getting my feet wet with PPV over the past few weeks, though. Just about every time I went to Google to find an answer to a question I had, some URL from cpvden.com inevitably showed up. So, I decided to join.

Man! What a goldmine of information I've found in here! I'm so glad to see this is free. You guys are awesome for putting this forum together. The case studies are priceless.

I was thinking of joining Aff Playbook (which I will do at some point). But I think the stuff here on CPV Den will give me a good start in a profitable direction without having to worry about a monthly fee. Once I'm actually banking with PPV, I'll join Aff Playbook (through the CPV Den special offer, of course) to master more paid traffic sources.

Anyway, I'm very happy to be here. Thanks again for putting together such a great community with such great info!

See Ya
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Welcome aboard, Paul.

CPVDen and Affplaybook, both are good resources to learn ppv marketing.

All the best
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Hey Paul,

Welcome aboard! I am glad you joined and are finding our information useful. Good luck!
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Welcome aboard Paul!
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