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Default Coop Here - Whazzup?

Hey everyone - a lot of you might recognize me from PPC-Coach. I've been a moderator over there for ages now it seems.

First off I want to congratulate you guys for joining this site - the owners are the best and they will definitely help you succeed.

Anyways - so a little bit about me. I've been a full time affiliate for three years now turned network owner. I really love helping affiliates just like these guys here do. It's my way of giving back to the community that has turned me into who I am today.

I love affiliate marketing - but I also love business in general. Ask Lucas or anyone else that I talk to a lot and they will tell you that I am always coming up with ideas for new sites to create or businesses to launch. They don't all work out - and some of them turn out to be terrible ideas - but that's how you grow as an entrepreneur.

Right now I'm focused on growing my network and our affiliates. Once I have the network running smoothly I have plans for several different content based sites and a few niches to completely dominate

Besides businesses I love playing video games. My girlfriend and I love to play Call of Duty - so we setup an entire gaming arena full of HDTV's and Xbox 360's in the basement. If you wanna play some CoD add me to Xbox Live - Coop56.

I also love poker - and if I had any time right now I'd be playing a lot.

I'm a big fan of sports as well - was just at the Indians Yankees game last night trying to catch A Rod's 600th home run. I'm an Indians fan but I'm a fan of money first

So what's up? Hope I can help you guys out and let's make some money!
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Thanks for contributing Coop, we look forward to some of your expert insight
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Can't wait to learn for some real profitable tips from you Coop. thanks.
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What's up coop! Long time brotha
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Coop has already been shelling out some good stuff. If you haven't read the posts you're missing out!
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