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Cool All set up and started

Well finally I have got myself set up and started with PPV. I got my nice little VPS from Beyond, who by the way is a fantastic hosting company. Their Tech support getting me all set up was service like I have never received. The guys there were answering my email all hours of the day as well as Saturday and Sunday! Can't recommend them enough!! Aside from that and thanks to members here and on warrior forum along with a nice paid guide, I eventually managed to get my head around tracking. I decided to go straight in and produce simple landing pages seeing as i see mixed opinions about direct linking. From a marketing point of view, we just need to catch attention first right. Can't see the point in burning money on a half hearted bet really. So far I have spent about $30 with lead impact but made about $12... not a great start but at least i am getting something. I am struggling finding the traffic at the price I want at the moment but I guess we have to learn and research along the way. Even so I have managed to set up about 4 campaigns so far this week. Most are email submits but I took the plunge on a $17 commission CPA today. It felt good so I just thought what the hell. although I am not actually making anything at the moment I just keep telling myself that this can be serious money. Just need to stick at it to pick up the things that work. I currently run with Peerfly and maxbounty. I find myself swaying towards peerfly at the moment purley because they are more helpful. I have Luke as my acc mgr so maybe I am lucky! Even so, If anyone wants to let on about anything hot at the moment then I would be happy to return the favour when I hit on a nice campaign. I am determined to profit from my initial $200 in lead impact.
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