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Default Welcome to Month 1

Ok, the key to PPV is playing with the "houses" money more then anything. After your initial couple losses experimenting with various things, you need to hit one or two golden campaigns that float the rest of your test campaigns. Eventually you have portfolio of 5 to 10 keepers that can float test campaigns and give you enough profit to live comfortably.

So let's dig in. This month is I am giving away a very lucrative niche and will show you how to make it work for you. I am going to be losing money on my own campaigns in showing this to you, but I want you guys to succeed too and I know I can always test other areas while you guys cash in on this, plus I'm not afraid of competition at all, in fact I tend to thrive on it.

Anyhow, here is the niche we are going to tackle:


But here's the kicker, we're not going to start in the US at a all, we are going to target horoscopes everywhere BUT the US for now. The reason being most people have blinders on to the international markets and focus solely on US offers. My own online business is about 80% international and 20% US right now, (PPC and PPV). I like it better because it's less saturated and for some reason tends to convert better. So we're going to focus on Brazil, the UK, Austrailia and any other foriegn markets we can get traffic in.

The first thing we need to know is how our current traffic sources break down as far as international traffic goes. I've done your research for you already and here's the breakdown by network:


- "50% of our users are outside of the United States."

Media Traffic

- "Of our 15 million users roughly 1/3 are in North America and the rest are International with the U.K, France, Germany, Brazil, Russia and China leading the list"

Traffic Vance

- 1% is International, 99% is North American


- 70% is international


- 30% to 40% in the total traffic volume is international

So from that we now know that Traffic Vance is not going to be bothered with at all for this. They're all US basically, some Canadian too. So we can focus our attention on the remaining 4 networks. The next thing to do is find all the horoscope offers internationally we can. We can use affspy.com for this or just search through your favorite networks for them. We're going to now add these to the tracker and then build our rotations. The set up part will take the longest.

Once we have the tracker setup and rotations ready to go, we will do some url/keyword research. The first stop is the scraper here. Plug in some horoscope related keywords and see what sites you pull up. Now visit those sites and see if they all have any niche specific keywords you should be targeting. For now we'll just go with the basic url match types and maybe a couple keywords to test. I don't want to give out a list because everyone will then bid on the exact same thing. We also have the option of installing the toolbars from each network and typing in "horoscopes" to see which offers are coming up. If you're going to do that, do it on a back up computer or old one so it doesn't bog down your good system. That technique is no where near fool proof though as you may see an offer from a big company who is more interested in branding then ROI. So be very careful if you go down that path.

We are going to target 3 urls and 2 keywords only on each network to start. That's it. We're going small to start and we will set our daily budgets at $10 on each network, (or as low as the network will allow). We want fast money here to get us into profit city to start.

We need to watch these like a hawk. Here's some basic ground rules:

1.) any keyword or url that is draining your budget without converting must be deactivated immediately
2.) any keyword that is deactivated must be replaced with a new test immediately
3.) our first goal is $50 profit per day, (5 networks x $10 spend daily = $50 spent), so we need to earn $100 gross daily
4.) once we determine which offer is best, we will do the following:
- edit the rotation so that one offer is entered 4 times
- 1 other new offer will then be tested
- this means we are showing our best offer 80% of the time and our test offer 20% of the time, (no weighted average crap is necessary)
5.) once you have made about $50 per day for about a week straight, you can then DOUBLE your test batch to 10, (6 urls and 4 keywords). Once you see $100 days for 7 days straight, you can double your test batch again, eventually you will be doing some very decent numbers and wonder how in the hell you go to that point!

That's when you understand that testing and rotating is important and showing your best offer most is vital to your success. This is the exact method I used when I first tackled horoscopes and I have made some decent money from it. So, you've got your niche, you've got my method, now it's up to you to do the work.

Please post your questions in this forum and get busy...
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