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Default PPV conversion rates?


Let me dive in to my question about conversion rates on PPV. As we know, generally speaking the standard conversion rate for a typical info product sales letter gets a 1% conversion rate. It's kind of the accepted figure.

With CPA offers (email/zip submits) what is considered a "decent" conversion rate? Yeah, yeah...I know it all depends on blah blah...I'm just talking broad figures based on experiences you've had.

Here's what my question is : Lets say an acceptable rate for an email submit offer was 5%.....what is the earliest one can conclude that the offer is a dud.

Here's an example: I'm running an offer on Media Traffic and have 300 views...no conversions.

What I'm thinking is, considering it's just an email submit...the conversion rates I would hope for would be may be 5% or more. Now...with 300 views, it's only cost me $3...so money wise I don't care...I'm happy to run it for a lot longer....BUT...

is there any point?? I mean if no conversions take place even after 300 views...then can I safely assume that this particular offer on..at least from this particular traffic source (MT)...is a dud?

So my confusion stems from an expectation of conversion rates and actually money.

I mean if got a 1000 views, it would cost me $10 at a penny each...and if I made even 5 conversions at 2.50...I would make a profit....BUT...is that really realistic or ridiculous to just run offers because it's so cheap....surely there's a ball park figure one expects of email sub offers?

I'd like to delete offers that clearly don't convert as they ought to based on some general guidelines about "expected" conversion rates...rather than waiting to spend a certain amount.

Let me know your thoughts


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For an email submit throw $10 at the offer. If it's profitable, keep going. If not see if there is one or more words that are eating up most of that $10 remove those and try again.

If I cant get at least $5 a day in traffic, I dont keep it around (only on email/zip submits).
Too much time and effort in monitoring it.
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Whether it's a $1/lead offer or a $100/lead offer, set yourself a daily budget. Decide what your target ROI is and then kill the campaigns that do not meet ROI goals. Do not hold on for an extra hour on a losing campaign. If you do not meet your target spend, you have more campaigns to build.

If you build it, they will come.

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