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Default International Campaigns

I am trying an International offer and for no other reason than I happen to see it first I am targeting Spain. Although I have been there, I have no special knowledge of the spanish culture or people.

I started out targeting 92 URLs, some the same with a slight directory difference but there was probably 80 different URL's. Most have had little traffic but others have given me traffic (about 10-12) Its actually a comfortable amount for me where I can see it come in but but not like 500 a minute.

I actually started with just one offer (which may be been my first mistake). I did a swoopo auction site offer direct link. I targeted ebay.es as well as a lot of electronics sales related URL's. No conversions after an ad spend of about 20 bucks. Most of that on the 10-12 URLs indicated above. The offer payout is/was $10.75.

So decided rather than stop the traffic, I since I had some coming through at comfortable pace, I decided to dump whatever spanish offers I could find. I have been rotating 5 through now and they are espania Bidz (which I would have rotated with Swoopo initially if I had found it), 2 ringtone offers , IQ test (which had a conversion but only pay $.75), and a lottery zip submit. A hidgepodge of items but just throwing crap against the wall to see if something would stick.

I think my options are now:

1.) Move on....I tried but its not working

2.) try to find more pages created for the spain market although I did a decent job of looking before.

3.) Look for general International offers even though the landers may not be targeted at the Spanish market

4.) Try to build my own landers (My spanish is not good enough to have many words on it but I can make them graphically intensive).

5.) Keep the offers I have and look for other spanish URL's to target. Basically now trying to back fill in people that may want the ringtones or IQ stuff.

At this point maybe my ultimate question is, do I keep plugging away at a decent traffic source to see what they will buy OR if I have given them a broad cross section of offers (even ones not particularly suited to the audience) that I cut bait and move on.

Since I am still in the learning stages here, I don't mind slogging through this thing or just dumping it. I am on AdOn network and coach indicated that there was international traffic there so I just wanted to test that out.

Something else I should mention is that non of the URL's I am targeting has any competition. Maybe there is a good reason for that
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