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Default Working With International Affiliate Networks?

I just joined Affiliate Window, a UK based aff. network, and I have a few questions/concerns:
  • How does the currency conversion work when I get paid? Will I lose money in this process?
  • Any tips on researching offers that are only available in the UK?
  • Does anyone have experience with this particular network? Anything I should know about working with them?
  • Any other tips about working with an international network?


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1. You may pay a conversion fee to whomever handles your money.
2. You can research offers a couple of ways - you can go to google's version of their international browser to see other folks' ads, ie google.co.uk and you can search via a proxy. Other than that, it's just a matter of searcing.
3. You have to get approved by the merchants to run their offers and I heard that their payout is a little slow, but not a lot of direct experience.
4. Try to use similar language and turns of phrase that you see being used. Spell things the way they do as well. Colour, etc. Try to read news articles to see how they communicate. Avoid humor until you understand the culture. Being generally respectful of a culture and doing your research on it will pay off.
Also google translator is helpful in a rudimentary sort of way and there are some firefox plugins for it.

If you build it, they will come.

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