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Default When affiliate managers are morons

I've been doing some gambling stuff and doing pretty well with it. So I'm looking to expand my merchant base a bit. I applied for one today to add to my rotation and I'm just amazed at the lack of knowledge some of these guys have.

Apparently with this one site, you can ONLY have organicly listed sites in search engines and you can only promote them by putting banners on that site.

I have been back and forth with this guy all day today and he simply cannot wrap his head around contextual ads.


Oh and I will show you guys this for Month 2. (Unless something better comes along.)

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I hate to sound like an ass, but I do it everyday, it must be an entry level job straight out of college for some of these people.
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try dealing with Australian cpa networks, they're all fucking morons.

all they want is for me to submit my url, then they will match my url with their banners. no deep links, no contextual, no iframe, no direct to merchant, no ppc, no ppv, no bidding on "their" keywords.....

feels like I'm stuck in 1997.
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That's what this guy was like.

"Your webpage isn't really in the poker niche, we don't feel it fits with our site."

No shit sherlock, it's not a poker site, it's just a dummy site I submit becasue I have to!

I'm doing direct to you.


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