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Default What is a realistic expectation on conversions?

What numbers do you see using PPV? Do you expect the conversion rate be lower because of low cost views and banner blindness? Should 1 in 100 convert? 1 in 50? 1 in 20?

Right now after one day I have a $5 spend, $1.50 payout ( loss of $3.50, big deal) but the conversion rate for the lead is 1 in almost 400 so far. Time to ax it?
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I go by targetted roi and my test budget ceiling. So if I have an offer max out where it's over my test budget without producing the desired roi I want, it's gone.
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I stopped doing low dollar stuff as the effort was worth the problems.
I had several going OK, and one really good one but they all ended for one reason or another including conversions disappearing.

so try some bigger payouts.

1 in 20 conversion - I would kill for that.

ROI/EPC (earnings per click) are much better indicators of how an offer is doing.

Conversions vary so much based on keywords and offers.
I have a few keywords with a high two digit conversion rate. But I only get a couple of impressions a day.
Sometime in testing you can get 1 in 1000 impressions. That doesnt seem good, but if you are paying around 1 cent and the payout is $20-30 then you have a nice profit.

So dont use a 1 in x as your cut off point.
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I have one campaign doing 0.5% conversion rate, (yes half a percent) and it's got a triple digit roi.

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