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Default What do you do when you see this?

You are about to activate a new campaign, but when you upload the targets you see that almost all of them have heavy competition.

Do you go ahead and upload and just bid the minimum, which would probably mean low, low traffic?

Do you bid for the top position, which could mean not reaching your target expenditure because of the higher bids, not to mention of the uncertainty in not converting?

Do you do something else, like maybe manually bid somewhere in the middle?

Or maybe you realize you have done a poor job of researching and do start researching again?
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I usually just adjust my bids slightly higher and then let it run and see what happens. I won't go higher until I see some conversions on at least one offer that I'm testing. If its on TV then I'll set a $20 budget and reassess once it reaches that or if I start getting a few conversions before then.

Once I decide to keep it running and work out which offer is best, I'll divert most of my traffic to it then I'll look at raising my bids on those targets that convert. I'll also then try to find other related targets, for example, sub domains if its a converting url, or domain variations and run those.

This approach can take some time to shake out but it doesn't take up much time because you're not having to continually monitor it as you would if you bid high and it doesn't fly through the testing budget.

- Jill
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On Media Traffic, I'll wait until the campaign in approved and then adjust my bids. No need to make adjustments until it's been approved.
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