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Default What am I doing wrong

Hi Guys, I 'm a little frustrated and hoping someone can provide some insight into what I am doing wrong.

I'm not an internet marketing newb. I'm well versed in seo, ppc, landing page design, copywriting, web analytics and the like. Last year I profitably managed $250K in adwords spend. Earlier this year I started running CPV traffic to adsense landing pages quickly started making $3K per month on a $800 spend and then got banned. I run affiliate offers on my blogs with organic seo traffic and am making $2K+ a month. You'd think that I would be able to get profitable pretty fast.

I've got cpv labs setup on a fricking fast cloudserver and am running email submit and zip code submit offers. I've got it rotating both direct link and landing pages. Keyword and URL tracking is inplace with most the traffic coming from DirectCPV.

Tracking pixels in place, I even emailed my friend the link from cpv labs and he signed up, it tracked.

With all the tools and tons of internet marketing experience, I am getting really crappy results. I am just burning money here... not a ton, like $20-30 per day and getting nothing.

Is there something I'm missing here? Am I thinking too much like a PPC marketer and making my landing pages overly nice? Over thinking? I just dont get it.

Example: Im trying this get 2 free air tickets for doing a survey thing and popping it up on the flight search results for popular travel sites. It seems like there would be some kind of traction here... users searching for a plane ticket, get offered a chance to get free plane tickets... wtf?
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Can you provide us with your landing page link? Offer, something to look at? It's hard to see what's missing from just telling us what isn't working...
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Sometimes the obvious stuff like that just doesn't work. For example, popping a Target gift card on target.com. You need to think outside the box with CPV. Here you are targeting a demographic, so think of who would be flying and find a unique angle to market to them.

I did a case study on airline tickets and broke even at best:

Follow Along With Us - Southwest Email Submit Campaign
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I would cite what denmaster said about finding a unique angle and thinking outside the obvious as the two key factors in making CPV profitable. For example, think not only about who might be flying, but also, of those about to fly, who could be troubled to put their e-mail somewhere and what sites they would be most inclined to do that on while visiting.

You would think that popular travel sites would yield conversions, but upon visiting some of them (Travelocity, Expedia), I noticed that they are rather "busy" in their layouts, with all kinds of graphics marketing discounted tickets already. You should also consider that when targeting a broader demographic, the quality of your traffic will go down because there's no way to separate those who want to save money enough to enter their e-mail address from those who don't care on websites with visitors from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds like the popular travel ones. So then, think about websites that DO host your demographic (IE, money saving websites for single moms: Save Money on Purchased Airline Tickets etc).

If you share a sample landing page or ad, that would definitely be helpful in identifying problems (if there are any) that may be resulting from your design.

Hopefully that line of thinking will increase the quality of your traffic and result in more conversions. Good luck!

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If directcpv is not working, don't use them anymore. Keep everything the same and switch to lead impact or traffic vance.
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I think it could be the type of traffic. DirectCPV traffic seems to do well for dating offers. Also filling in an email address or a zip code works well with this traffic. For a survey I guess people have to spend some amount of time filling them up and so they skip it.
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