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Default URLs vs. Keywords

I just started implementing search terms (keywords) in addtion to the URLs I already have in my campaigns. For the past 2.5 weeks, I have been turning a small profit ($40 to $100 per day) everyday by just using URLs with direct linking. I have been adding the keywords into my campaigns through the use of Google's keyword search tool. Basically, I enter the phrase in the tool and take the 100 most relevant terms and add them to my campaign. I have had an explosion of traffic, but very very poor conversions (lost about $180 over the past couple of days). I guess my question is whether using keywords (instead of just URLs) is worth it or not? I know that it is possible to find a gem of a keyword, but it seems that most of them do not work too well.

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Hey Rich,

Congrats on your campaigns turning a daily profit!

When I test a new offer, I usually start with urls for my targets.

Once I find an offer(s) that converts (like what you did), I then start to add new keyword campaigns with that offer.

I usually find a few keywords that work well, and I kill the others very quickly.

Sounds like you're doing the same thing.

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