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Default Traffic Vance Launching on Weekends?

Does Traffic Vance launch new campaigns on the weekends? I finally got my credit card to go through yesterday (I had the wrong address) and I set up a couple of campaigns last night.

One other questions:
Do you use the keyword/target tool they provide?

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Very rarely do they launch anything on the weekends. Most of these networks are mon-fri. Traffic Vance seems to be one of the faster ones at getting campaigns approved and rolling. They should go live for you monday once they are in review state. One thing you can do that's a helpful trick if you aren't going to be around and need to monitor the new campaign closely is put in a very low bid for the traffic so that if it does go live, it won't be without you knowing what's happening with it.

I don't use their tools, but I have found that if there are a few people bidding on one url, chances are it's at least a busy url for traffic. (that doesnt mean it's going to convert for you, but you got a shot at showing a lot of offers and seeing if something sticks)

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They claim to launch 7 days a week.
I have been OK on Saturdays and very little with Sundays.
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I use the keyword tool quite a bit. Its not 100% accurate but its a good guide and often it will throw up urls or keywords that I wouldn't have thought of. There is no other tool that gives you estimates for PPV traffic so for that alone its always interesting to run stuff through it.

- Jill
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TV doesn't approve campaigns on weekends.

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