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Default Traffic Targeted to State and City


I worked years promoting local businesses. I start CPV about a month ago and am still learning. However, if I can target PPV traffic to a specific city or zip code and state with a URL or keyword list, I see a business opportunity that I can market to local businesses. Also, it would help in the marketing to know the traffic volume for a given locations.

In reading, I saw a PPV Network that could target by state and city, but can't remember who.

Does anyone have an idea of which networks will do this type of targeting.

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I'd be interested in which one does this too, that would be huge.

Far as I know most only do country level!

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in Leadimpact's FAQ there is this sentence:
We can also geographically target (geo-target) your campaigns to specific countries, regions or states.

About city?...no clue
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