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Question Are there any other contextual networks?

Are there any other contextual networks out there besides the five listed here?

It's taking forever to get my accounts active because I keep missing these guys calls. I already have put money in clicksor but they won't activate my account until they call me and if they have called I've missed it.

Has anyone had any luck calling them to get an account active? I think I'll give them a call tomorrow if I can find some numbers.
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Send a message via AIM to greenhall
Default best to phone them

I am a beginner like yourself and found it difficult to get responses
I found it best to go straight at them and sit by the redial to get them.
In their emails to me they most always provide a phone number. I.m an Aussie and have to make sure the international prefix is correct. which is 00111- followed by the number

I also prepared what I would say and have all references in front of me related to the application

They have asked -- do you have any other context ad sites - to which you always say yes confidently, How would you promote? what experience have you had

got to be inventive for some of the answers

As I am a beginner there may be better advice from those more experience about this so listen to them first .
hope this helps

Regards Lennie greenhall (greenhall)
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You could try Findology. I've been using them and some of their traffic converts. They have the worst interface for managing campaigns but it is simple to get going as they approve everything.

Their contextual traffic is called CPView and they have lots of traffic. Couple of pointers; when you create a campaign make sure that you check that 'Categories' have not been selected by accident, sometimes they seem to add one even if you didn't choose one. For example if you are promoting green tea, bid on keywords/urls as normal but go back into the campaign and DOUBLE check that 'Categories/Health' isn't in there. I wasted some cash before i realised this.

Keep the daily budget low, this was a life saver for me at first.

You cannot delete campaigns only deselect them with a check box, i also set the daily budget to $1 in case they are accidentally unchecked.

Erm, yeah thats about it, have fun!
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I'm always searching haven't found any worthwhile yet besides the ones here.
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